Terms and Conditions

relating to estimates, supply and fitting

  1. Estimates are subject to the terms hereof and are open only for a period of 12 weeks from the date hereof.
  2. Estimates given are subject to our acceptance when the order is placed. They are based on current costs of material and labour. Should these costs vary before a job is completed then an appropriate adjustment shall be made to the price charged.
  3. Estimates are given and work is undertaken subject to material and labour being available at the time the job is to be carried out. We cannot be held responsible for any delays in the supply of materials resulting from the actions of others, out with our control.
  4. In the event of a claim being made for faulty or defective goods or work done by us, notice must be given to us in writing within seven days. If we should agree that such a claim is justified then we shall, at our option either replace or repair the goods and remedy the work at no extra charge or allow a credit for the goods/or service provided.
  5. Goods are supplied and work is carried out by us in good faith but no liability can be accepted for any damage or injury caused to any person(s) or property arising either directly or indirectly from any defect in any goods supplied by us or for any costs, losses or expenses arising there from.
  6. Ownership of materials and goods provided by us shall not pass until such time as they are paid for in full and orders once made cannot be cancelled or the goods returned without our prior consent.
  7. When goods consigned by road or rail freight are damaged or broken in transit then notification must be made to us and to the respective freight authority within 3 days of receipt otherwise no claim can be considered. Similarly, where goods have not arrived within 14 days of receipt of an advice note similar notification should be made.
  8. Unless alternative arrangements have been made beforehand all accounts issued by us are due when rendered we reserve the right to claim interest on outstanding accounts.
  9. We cannot accept liability for any damage or loss which may occur when we handle, carry or work with material supplied by a customer.
  10. Plate glass and sheet glass supplied shall be of a quality normally used for glazing purposes and ordinary glazing purposes, respectively.
  11. Where glass is offered for delivery, the cost of unloading shall be the responsibility of the purchaser. Packaged charged for will be credited in full if returned carriage paid and in good condition.
  12. Estimates are given on the basis that provision will be made on site, free of charge to us, all equipment and facilities to enable us to comply with all regulations under current health and safety regulations. Where scaffolding is required it will be provided and securely fixed by you, free of charge.
  13. Glazing does not include the cleaning of glass. Breakages or damage to glass or other goods from any cause (other than that occurred by our own employees) will normally be the subject of an extra labour charge based on a minimum day work rate of 30% on materials and 164% on labour.
  14. Full glazing or replacement charges will be made if glass is placed in position.
  15. Unless otherwise stated, prices given are from glazing in wood sashes in linseed oil putty, other types of glazing will be charged according to the work required.
  16. Glazing of squares not exceeding 1ft square will be charged for a 1ft square.
  17. When acting as a main contractor our sub-contractors may not carry out any work which is additional to that included in their quotation, any additional costs incurred in this way by our sub-contractors will not be paid by us unless prior written confirmation has been granted by us.